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Are you stressed out? Do you feel fatigued or exhausted throughout the day? Do you have trouble sleeping, or wake up felling as is if you never slept? You are not alone; many adult Americans suffer these symptoms. At Dr. Nona we understand how stress impacts your body internally and externally. That is why we have created a formula that helps you relax, so you can have a good time nights sleep.
One of the best ways to manage stress is through the use of specific nutrients from nature’s plant kingdom. Dr. Nona Yamseen formula contains a variety of nutrients from nature’s botanicals that are historically thought to strengthen the integrity of the central nervous system, revitalize the cardiovascular system, and in general, enhance the body’s tolerance and ability to cope with tension and anxiety.

Many people suffer from occasional difficulty in relaxing sufficiently to obtain a restful night’s sleep. Yamseen helps support a restful sleep.* Yamseen contains Passion Flower, Hawthorn and Corn Poppy – herbs traditionally used as calmatives that have also been reported useful to persons suffering from occasional attacks of nervousness and stress.* Combined with the Dr. Nona Dead Sea Bio-Organic Mineral Complex, Yamseen formula is thought to relax tense and overworked bodies and minds, and help encourage a good night’s rest.*

Directions: Take 2 capsules with a glass of water or Gonseen at bedtime. If needed, take also 1-2 capsules with meals during the day.

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