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Fat burning bomb is 100% natural and effective.
This product is made of high-active genes for burning fat (Burning Fatty Gene), extracted from Basehr Nuts and Fructus Canarli, called “Bomb for burning fat” In Europe and America, with the help of advanced scientific low-temperature extraction technology.

Thanks to the original composition based on the L-CARNITIN (decreases appetite, improves the process of metabolism, very well, along with exercise), Fructus Euodiae, chastuha-plantain, etc. It can burn excess fat especially in the waist and abdomen, accelerate the decomposition of fat, prepatstvovat intestine absorb fat, regulate the expansion and exchange of fat in the human body.
Composition: Basehr Nuts, Fructus Canarli, L-Carnitin, kapsaitsin, Fructus Euodiae, chastuha-plantain, VC, VE.

An effective structure and its contents: 100g This product contains L-Carnitin 19g and flavon 1, 2 g.

Health Effects: elimination and the burning of excess fat in the waist and abdomen, makes the stomach flat smooth and elastic, reduces the waist; radically izlechivaet constipation.

Product: 450 x 30 mg capsules.

Dosing: 1 to 1 capsule once a day before or after breakfast, zapivaya abundant quantity of water!

Expiration Date: 24 months.

Features of steps: increasing the daily consumption of energy, accelerating burning and decomposition of deferred fats in the body. Nepreyvno remove fats in the body, even while they sleep! Output toxins and excess moisture from the body, reduces pressure, lowers blood levels of halesterina, restores the elasticity of skin and gradually make your figure–irresistible.

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