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Soupseen is a new addition in the Dr. Nona line of dietary health products. The biologically active components in Soupseen benefit several of the body’s systems:

Optimize the activity of the cardiovascular system, digestive tract, and urinary tract, and supports healthy metabolic function.*
Help maintain healthy blood sugar levels.*
Stimulate your body’s natural regenerative and rejuvenating capabilities.*

Soupseen is made from microcapsules combining the Dead Sea Bio-Organic Mineral Complex and an innovative technique called Autotrophic System (ATS), which involves the natural auto synthesis of proteins. The microcapsules allow your body to keep absorbing Soupseen’s biologically active components, in their original form, all the way to the intestinal lining.

Pour the contents of one packet into hot water and stir. In Dr. Nona Weight Loss Program, Soupseen, Gonseen and Dakseen furnish your body with all the necessary daily requirements for vitamins, minerals, amino acids, fats, and carbohydrates.

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