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Every year, hundreds of thousands of visitors pilgrimage to health spas on the shores of the Dead Sea. The most common reason is to detoxify their bodies and rejuvenate their skin. Those who enjoy Dead Sea mud baths swear their skin looks healthier and more radiant. The intense concentration of salts and minerals relieves from aches and pains as well as gives a renewed feeling of well-being.
Now you can experience the benefits of the Dead Sea mud right in your home, every time you shower!

Body Shower Gel is the unprecedented result of advanced research by Dr. Nona and the scientists at her Lenom clinic. Using her unique Bio-Organic Mineral Complex as a base, Dr. Nona has created a gentle, effective cleansing gel that combines the nourishing minerals and stimulating bio organics of Dead Sea mud with the advanced antioxidant properties of essential oils. That means your daily shower can turn into a rejuvenating experience for your skin and a restorative treatment for your body.

Use it every time you shower and feel the lasting benefits all day.

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