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Stress. Your body feels it when a situation becomes overwhelming. But your hair is much more sensitive. A relaxing afternoon on a sunny beach or in a sun-filled garden stresses your hair. So does the frequent use of blow dryers and curling irons, as well as harsh shampoos, chemicals and dyes.
Dr. Nona Frequent Use Tonic Shampoo is a revolutionary formula that nourishes and gently cleans your hair while it revitalizes your body. The secret? Our unique Bio-Organic Mineral Complex developed by Dr. Nona and a team of scientists at her Lenom clinic. It’s full of rich nutrients, essential minerals, and vibrant life force found in the Dead Sea.

As you lather up your hair and scalp, these beneficial elements revitalize your stressed areas, while enriching and nourishing your hair and scalp.

Frequent Use Tonic Shampoo is gentle enough for every day use, even on chemically treated and colored hair.

Use it every day and you can literally wash that stress right out of your hair!

Combine with Dr. Nona Daily Mineral Hair Conditioner for a complete experience!

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