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A As you age, your skin tends to lose its firmness, resilience, and moisture. You look in the mirror and are shocked to see skin that sags and has a few more lines and wrinkles each day. It makes you wonder who turned off the glow of youth when you weren’t looking?
Dr. Nona Body Toning Lotion turns back the clock by giving your skin renewed elasticity, vital moisture, and fundamental nutrients.*

The heart of the formula is Dr. Nona Bio-Organic Mineral Complex, an ultra-nourishing combination of minerals, oxygen, and restorative Dead Sea water.

Other ingredients include pure essential oils, medicinal herbs, and powerful vitamins to blast skin-damaging free radicals.*

Massage the lotion all over your body for an undeniable benefit to your skin and the overall feeling of well-being. Your skin will feel firmer, look healthier, and glow brighter than you could have imagined.

For the best results use after a shower or bath.

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