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If you care about looking your best, you know about the benefits of gentle, effective daily cleansing of your skin. What you may not know is that deep cleansing several times a week can dissolve hard-to-reach impurities that may be diminishing your skin’s naturally healthy radiance.
Beauty Mask for Face is a unique deep-cleansing method created to reveal the inner beauty of your skin!

Dr. Nona formula is a combination of premium quality nutrients, gentle cleansers, soothing extracts, and free radical neutralizers. At its core is mineral rich water from the Dead Sea, the Earth’s most nourishing source of hydration and rejuvenation.

Naturally gentle Chamomile cleanses thoroughly without drying. Extracts of Aloe and Seaweed soothe and smooth fine lines.* Essential oils of Honeysuckle, Lavender, Carrot, Jojoba, Orange, and Almond provide deep moisturizing and the calming pleasures of aromatherapy.

Another ingredient, Vitamin E, defends against tissue-damaging free radicals while actively nourishing the skin.

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