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The Dead Sea Water.
The Dead Sea is the richest source of minerals and microelements that are in the water and the mineral mud. Over thousands of years thermo-mineral springs filled the Dead Sea. Under the heat of the sun, the water evaporated and minerals sunk and accumulated. That is the reason why the salts’ concentration in the Dead Sea is 10 times higher than in other seas and oceans. Comparison between the chemical composition of the Dead Sea to other lakes and oceans show that the salt’s concentration in the Dead Sea is 31.5% (from: “Some Geo-Chemical Aspects of the Dead Sea and its Age”, 1991, Ya’akov Ben-Tur). The concentration of SO4 ions is very low, and the bromine ions’ concentration is the highest of all waters on earth. Chlorides neutralize most of the calcium ions in the Dead Sea and its surroundings. While in other seas NaCl is 97%, in the Dead Sea the quantity of the NaCl is only 12-18 percent. The remaining part is composed of Potassium, Magnesium, Bromide and others. The water temperature goes from 19 degrees Celsius in February to 31 degrees Celsius in August.

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